Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Good Day for Ruskin Dam Whitewater Park

Today marked a great first step in a possible new development, a whitewater park for users of all kinds and kids of all ages that would draw tourism from all corners of the world here, to BC. Mission City Council yesterday evening voted to approach BC Hydro to potentially build a whitewater park into their plans to retool the Ruskin Dam that creates Hayward Lake near Mission, BC.

Ruskin Dam

British Columbia, Canada is already a prime destination for paddlers the world over, but in the last decade especially, has been getting a black eye placed on it's reputation because of harmful and unnecessary run-of-river privatized dams dewatering much of our navigable landscape.

To add a whitewater park of similar caliber to the Bow River Weir Project in Calgary, Alberta, Canada would be a huge step in the right direction. It would allow for tubers, kayakers, canoeists, stand up paddlers, surfers, people who enjoying playing/bathing/swimming and using water, as well as beachgoers and all ages of families a place to recreate and get out of the house!

Calgary Whitewater Park Under Construction

Beyond that great news, up and coming paddlers besides myself have been getting out and exploring lots of potential first descents around the province and running whitewater that hasn't been run in a good number of years. Merick and Dave did some of the first paddling on Gold Creek near Maple Ridge in what we believe to be some time, and there are a number of opportunities being explored closer to home for myself especially that I'm getting excited about...

Merick standing over a rather large drop

This weekend a few of us from the valley here are heading to South Washington State, USA to get involved in The Northwest Creeking Competition. Which will be our first real waterfalls we run.

Beyond that I'm still trying out new boats in an effort to choose a smaller one to replace The Medieval, Vancouver Kayak Club Festival is about 2 and a half weeks away as well! ...and don't forget to check riveraccess.ca for all your BC river access information.

Plenty to get excited about in the new season!

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