Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Pyranha Burn Update

After 4 months and 3 days of life my newly purchased medium Burn bit the dust. On a medium-low water Chilliwack canyon run at the end of November I finished the run to find my boat full of water and cracked along the hull under the seat.

The worst news is that Pyranha offered little to no support in the way of warranty or subsidization towards a new craft. Maybe they ought to look at the great customer support companies like Confluence (Dagger/Wavesport/AT paddles) offer to their customers, even after prolonged use, something like this really sways a new boat buyer like myself as to where to spend my money.

The bottom line for me is that I can't afford to shell out cash for a new boat that will last through only 4 months of moderate class III to IV+ boating. If that's the case I'd stick to used boats, as my main motivation in buying a new boat is some level of expected period of regular use for the price, it shouldn't be a gamble like when a person buys used and you never know how much use is left. When this boat broke, I had it passively up for sale, it would have been bad for everybody involved if I'd sold it only to have it break 2 runs into life with it's new owner.

The warning labels and warranties on boats as they are generally written are like insurance policies, with loopholes for most cases of breakage, basically leaving it up to the manufacturer whether they decide it's worth it and in their interests to cover or not cover warranties at any given time using a cost based analysis, but part of maximizing profit is keeping a good reputation and happy customers that will keep coming back for service or products, especially with a mega-depreciable asset like a boat meant to hit rocks on a regular basis to some extent.

I understand there is the issue of abuse, misuse and also just plain wear and tear vs. manufacturer defect. My last boat (a Prijon Pure), got destroyed on the river without me in it because I swam, I don't expect a warranty to cover this. At least 4 people I know personally have bought new Burn's and had them break from wear and tear(or can we call this manufacturer defect?) within the first year, cracks on the underside of the hull, not smashed in noses or anything. Usually it ends up falling on the retailer to keep a customer happy. Maybe Pyranha needs to review their warranty procedure, and/or look at their plastics. Also, after these 4 months, the hip pads had already started wearing through the first layer of fabric!

I've never heard a good story about a Pyranha boat warranty. On the other hand, I've heard only good stories about Dagger, Wavesport and Prijon warranties. I've yet to hear anything from people I know about Jackson and I've heard mixed stories of Liquidlogic.

I will never buy another new Pyranha creeker unless they change their plastic and outfitting to last under normal creeking conditions for some period of reasonably expected time. I'm beginning to wonder how much use my Molan playboat has left in it...being 6 months old!

Luckily Western Canoeing and Kayaking has come to the rescue and offered to credit me back the purchase price towards a new creeker, and whatever it won't be Pyranha.

Maybe that new Stomper...or a Nomad or Mamba, or back to the Pure?...gotta think on this one...

...and I ended up going with a Dagger Nomad 8.5. There are a couple factors in going with it instead of the runner up (if it's even fair to compare like that) in my opinion, Liquidlogic Stomper 80. Though I prefer the hull design of the Stomper slightly, I simply could not get enough foot room with the centre pillar that runs through the entire length of the boat, and wasn't partial to the rubber backband. Whereas the Nomad has a nice cloth backband that adjusts to my back and a space at the bottom of the centre pillar for my heels, besides being a hull design I already know I love from trying it out on numerous occasions, falling short of the Prijon Pure this is the most comfortable boat I've used.

Another driving factor is the warranty, Dagger has that amazing 3 year 'step down' warranty that I've heard only good things about, and the Nomad has a rep for having good hull integrity as well.


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  1. Awesome, glad to hear your local shop is so awesome!